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Pink Formula XL ISO Wipes – 100pcs/box

Pink Formula XL ISO Wipes – 100pcs/box

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Pink Formula Cleaner is the leading solution for all your glass cleaning needs. Pink Formula is fast, effective, and has immediate results for your Glass, Metal, and Ceramic cleaning. 1-minute cleaner for everyday use! 

Pink Formula Wipes are a multi-purpose cleaning wipe for every type of smoker! These wipes were designed to be extra large, thick & have the perfect alcohol formula to guarantee a quality product! These are by far the highest quality wipes on the market!

Product use recommendations:
Sticky concentrate surfaces & accessories Dab Tools, Carb Caps, Bangers, Banger Joints & Rig Joints Perfect for cleaning mouthpieces when sharing your favorite glass piece! Wipes out the resin in bowl slides & spoons bowls

Product Specifications:
50 GSM (extra thick & won’t tear on use)
4″ x 2.5″ Wipe
70% Isopropyl Alcohol formula
(20) Packs per carton
(100) Wipes per pack

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